Readings from The Wilding Eye

Peter Carpenter of The Worple Press introduced Olivia at the launch of The Wilding Eye, 16 April 2015, at Rizzoli Bookshop, Somerset House.  In his opening remarks, he said:


This is a book where craft meets passion.  I showed it to fellow editor and poet Peter Samson, who’s enthralled by it, and he said, “She doesn’t muck about, does she ….”.  Olivia takes on big issues, but she does it in extraordinarily memorable and particular ways.  She has a sense of awe and she puts, in her poems, a protective arm around Nature, the natural world and humanity in distress.

Use this player to hear Olivia reading from The Wilding Eye at the book launch.

Peter C at launch OB reading at launch Launch

Peter Carpenter introduces Olivia

Olivia reads from The Wilding Eye

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