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Strange Horses Oxford Magazine: The Tailor Retailoring


“Couched in this profound but accessible collection one finds a re-setting of intellectual history…..Pound describes poets as ‘the antennae of the race’; in this, her second collection, Olivia Byard guides us forward with confidence and compassion.” Read the whole article here


Strange Horses - The Telegraph

Mark Sanderson writes, for the Telegraph:

Monsters – real and imaginary – roam throughout Olivia Byard’s Strange Horses (Flambard Press, £8). She notes “the dog heads/the sciapods, and those weird souls/with heads down in their chests” in Hereford Cathedral (“Mappa Mundi”) and the flickering, averted eyes of a boy-policeman at Greenham Common in “Monstrous Regiments”.

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Strange Horses - Warwick Review

In the September 2012 edition of Warwick Review‘s Jackie Wills has reviewed Olivia Byard’s Strange Horses. She writes that the poet’s ‘quiet meditations insist you return to them,' and that ‘she expands inwards, unravels an emotion and lays out her own close-up view of it. Alternatively, she approaches a subject sideways or from a slight distance.’ These poems also ‘reward multiple readings‘ where the poet ‘can turn a sideways comment into a devastating narrative.’

To read the whole article, visit the Warwick Review site here



Strange Horses - Poetry Salzburg

Olivia Byard’s Strange Horses was reviewed by Rebecca Farivar in the Spring 2012 Poetry Salzburg Review.

‘Byard links together moments in sequences of poems that together create the impression of a complete event or concept… Her stand-alone poems share the sequences’s effect of telling a large story through a singular moment… Byard’s poems feel true and resist the pitfalls of pretentiousness.’

For the full review and other articles, order the Spring 2012 Poetry Salzburg edition from their website



Strange Horses - Poor Rude Lines

John Field writes an in-depth review of Olivia Byard’s Strange Horses on his blog, Poor Rude Lines, and decides that it is “a walk through a cutting breeze on a beautiful winter’s day.“

To read this excellent critique, you can visit Poor Rude Lines by clicking here



Strange Horses - Mslexia

Chloe Stopa-Hunt reviews the poems in Olivia Byard’s collection, Strange Horses, and describes them as ‘fine-hewn, often funny, sometimes devastating‘ and ‘full of sidelong looks at life‘.

For the full review, order the Mar/Apr/May 2012 edition of Mslexia from the website.



Strange Horses - Oxford Times

Writing for the Oxford Times, Merryn Williams states that Olivia Byard’s collection, Strange Horses, is ‘excellent’.



Strange Horses was published in 2011 by Flambard Press.